Roberto Santiago – Creator of the Largest Entertainment Center in Brazil

The name of Roberto Santiago is quite a popular one in Brazil as it is associated with one of the largest shopping centers – the Manaira Shopping Centre.

The large establishment is more than ten thousand square meters in size and has been in operation since the 80s. The owner of the Manaira Shopping Centre Roberto Santiago established the massive mall at the age of 59. He has had his whole life up until that point to figure out what he wanted the Manaira Shopping Centre to be like and he accomplished all of it. The Manaira Shopping Centre features a vast number of attractions. There is a large number of eating places such as restaurant and pizzerias; there are also cafes and bars. Visit his profile page on

The shopping center is geared largely towards entertainment, and that is quite evident considering the number of cinemas, theaters, and gaming centers all over the mall. The number of stores and boutiques is even larger. The Monaira Shopping Centre of Roberto Santiago has several movie theaters some of which are geared strongly towards 3D cinema. There is a total of eleven rooms. The movie theaters also include private VIP rooms which are available for bookings for events such as parties and meetings. A unique feature of the film cinemas is that they have a cocktail bar for visitors and viewers.

In the Monaira Shopping Centre, there is something for everyone. The large mall has an area that is entirely dedicated to gaming. It is called the Game Station, and it is 1 800 square meters in size. The Game Stations sports more than two hundred machines and the collection is regularly updated in order to keep up with newer releases as well as possible. In the Manaira Shopping Centre, there are also a handful of gyms and other spaces and stores related to sports.

In terms of food, the huge Food Court can satisfy every taste as it offers cuisines from all around the world. There is also a designated fancy area called the Gourmet Space where visitors can treat themselves to a steak and a glass of fine wine or champagne.

One of the most remarkable things about the Manaira Shopping Centre is the Domus Hall which was established a handful of years ago on the roof of the Manaira Shopping Centre. The Domus Hall was constructed as a way to celebrate one of the birthdays of the Manaira Shopping Centre. It is an open stage that includes a surround system, a sitting area, and a dining area. The Domus Hall is often flooded with people as there are concerts and other types of performances there a few times a month. The Domus Hall offers a spectacular view of the city as well, and so it is also open for bookings.

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Roberto Santiago has outdone himself with the design of the Manaira Shopping Centre. Being in his 60s, he is nowhere near the point of losing his sense of fun. In fact, Roberto Santiago spends most of his time and the mall happily observing the clients and soaking in the atmosphere.

Executive Recruiter, Julie Zuckerberg Raises The Standard For Hiring Employees

It takes time finding talented employees amongst today’s competitive landscape but that’s Julie Zuckerberg’s expertise. She’s an executive recruiter for Deutsche Bank, a German financial institution. For more than a decade, Julie Zuckerberg has been tasked with the tough job of searching for and hiring elite talent.


One of the issues companies are faced with today is that there are more individuals retiring than there are entering the workforce, says Zuckerberg. Full cycle recruiting is a part of her responsibility. Everything from sourcing talent to retention, and she says all the in-between can improve performance.


Executive recruiters say creating and maintaining an environment that values its employees decrease turnover rates. Employees appreciate open style leadership where information flows, and where workers can be proud of an organization. This encourages more participation and loyalty from employees.


The Keys to Retention


Zuckerberg acknowledges there are many strategies for retention of employees;


Provide challenges in the job

Make adjustments, when necessary for strengths, skills, and talents

Establish effective communication

Clearly define job responsibilities

Encourage employees to take more initiative

Recognize and reward creativity and innovation

Be flexible


It’s also important to point out the nuances of the job and goals to grow.


Zuckerberg has been with Deutsche Bank since 2014, rising from an Executive Recruiter and Talent Acquisition leader to her current position as Vice President. She is responsible for contract governance, contract compliance, the delivery of performance goals, supporting strategic partnerships between commercial clients, and retention of expertise. She has broad executive recruiting and management experience that has led to growth and stability for her employers.


Zuckerberg gained her expertise early in her career, starting at Hudson Global Resources. In her role as hiring manager, she recruited the top candidates, maximized their talent, and implemented support systems to retain the best. She enjoyed a five-year tenure at Hudson before going to Citi Global Consumer Bank and Global Functions in New York City. There she was responsible for various hiring strategies, including researching competitive market trends, creating a recruitment strategy, and identifying premier talent. Prior to working at Citi Global, she was a recruiter at New York Life Insurance. Her background, along with significant experience and successes with recruitment and retention enabled Julie Zuckerberg to take on the responsibility of Vice President at Deutsche Bank.


A Native New Yorker, Julie Zuckerberg received her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from The City University of New York, and a Law Degree from New York Law.



Eric Lefkofsky Seeks To Develop An Information-Sharing Platform Through Tempus

When a member of any family is diagnosed with cancer, such information affects such a family emotionally, psychologically and financially. Eric Lefkofsky was a wealthy entrepreneur behind the $2.2 billion company, Groupon. After learning how families feel when they are told about their next of kin having been diagnosed with the disease, he decided to become an advocate for cancer. In this new field, Eric is using his expertise on big data management to make significant changes in how the information is relayed to the people diagnosed with the illness and read full article.

Eric is married to Liz, a Chicago arts patron. Eric was saddened by the lack of adequate information in the field and the doctor’s unwillingness to assure cancer patients that they will be okay. He notes that such behavior scares families and patients and learn more about Eric.

By virtue of having first experience with cancer, the entrepreneur was able to identify the biggest problem in the industry. To this end, Eric concentrated on devising solutions that could bring sound and viable changes in the industry. He founded Tempus.

Tempus has created an operating system for cancer. The platform allows different medical institutions across the United States to share anatomic and molecular data. The centralization of this information allows doctors to be well informed and make better decisions. They will also be able to adequately advise their patients on different medications. Lefkofsky serves as the chief executive officer of the company.

With Tempus’ system, doctors will be able to adjust the combination of chemo and radio therapies on patients based on the data collected by the system. This information will include patients’ medical history, their genetic make-up, drugs that they take, and their responses to medication. Development of the system has taken over the billionaire’s life. Today, Eric is investing lesser on making himself wealthier. This is because he is trying to bring life into the healthcare industry.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in Detroit in 1969. The American entrepreneur has founded several companies, including Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, and InnerWorkings. Eric has a sound educational background. He holds a degree in law from the renowned University of Michigan Law School. Eric has also appeared on Forbes’ Billionaires list severally.

OSI Group And Their Expanding Business

OSI Group is one of the largest companies in all the world, and they are providing food solutions for large facilities that must order in-bulk. This article explains how the company is proving better jobs and food for all those who work with them, and there is a look at the places where they have expanded most. Someone who is ordering food for their large building may order online, and they will receive the finest in customer care.

#1: Expanding Their Company

OSI Group has expanded through a Tyson Foods plant and Baho Foods in recent times, and they wish to reach more people by using these facilities to create products for their customers. They wish to improve their reach because they have so many customers to serve, and they hope to give their customers a much better way to purchase food. Someone who orders from this company will receive their food faster, and they will notice their food is fresher.

#2: Offering Better Jobs

The company has been praised more than once for the work that it does, and it has been written up in Forbes magazine for the work that it does around the world. they have grown into quite a presence in the food community, and they offer solutions to companies who need food options for their clients or guests.

#3: Online Ordering

Online ordering through the company is quite easy to do, and there is a menu builder on the site that all customers may use when they are working with the firm. Creating a nutritious menu is much easier because OSI Group has created technology that makes ordering simpler. They ship quickly, and customers receive their food as quickly as possible.

There are many people who are benefiting from what OSI Group does, and they may order food from the company at any time. There are many people who will begin to enjoy this process because it is simpler than ordering from other companies, and they will save money. OSI Group helps all its customers order the food they need for their cafeterias and food courts.

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Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern is the head of the New York real estate development firm JMH Development; he assumed the position from the company founder, his father in 2010. The company already recognized as one of the leading real estate developers in the New York area and under Jason’s leadership that legacy has continued to grow. While both Jason and his father have followed the somewhat traditional path of real estate development, meaning they build living spaces, as well as office and retail units, Jason does one thing a little differently. Jason likes to restore once forgotten buildings that have historical value into modern luxury living spaces.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

There are several good examples of what Jason has accomplished with his unique approach to site selection, but perhaps the best known is 184 Kent in Brooklyn, New York. This property built in 1913 and at one time was the site of the world’s largest market. Long forgotten, Jason and JMH Development, renovated this old warehouse into one of the must desirable living spaces in Brooklyn. 184 Kent has 340 luxury units, with amenities designed for luxury living including a concierge service, door attendant, fitness center, on-site shopping, and a picnic area to mention only a few. Jason is particularly proud of this project as it is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

JHM focused on developing properties that offer the finest in luxury living; they are currently working on units priced for well over $1 million. Three Hundred Collins, located in Miami Beach, is an example of this kind of project. Some units will be 3,700 square feet, have 18-foot ceilings, wide-plank white oak floors, marble bathrooms and kitchens to mention only some of the highlights. These units listed for around $9 million and buyers will experience the finest in luxury living. JMH Development is expert in all phases of development, starting with due diligence and strategy, site selection, design, construction and property management.

Jason’s Family

Like his father, Jason is an auto racing enthusiast, NASCAR in particular. While his father once sponsored a car in the series, Jason has tried his hand as a driver and would like to return in that capacity one day. Jason also loves football, the New York Giants in particular, and often travel to out of town games with his son.


Nabors Industries’ CEO Anthony Petrello and His Rise to Becoming a Top-Earning CEO

For those of you that may not be familiar with Anthony Petrello, CEO and longstanding leader at Nabors Industries, he is one of the highest paid Chief Executive Officers in the United States today and boasts and incredibly successful career. Nabors is the global leader in gas and oil drilling equipment and specializes in Offshore Drilling, Land Drilling, Specialty Rigs, Rig Equipment and much more.

His career at Nabors began after he chose to leave a highly successful law career, in which he serves as a Managing Partner of his firm’s New York office. There, he specialized in corporate law and international cases and learn more about Anthony.

He serves as Nabors Chief Operating Office and and President from 1991 to 2001. This 20-year span is a testament to his leadership style and vision for the company. Today, he also serves on top of his operations roles as a strategic visionary for the company. Nabors is known for being innovators in oil and gas drilling machinery as well as the technology that accompanies it. Anthony Petrello helps steer that ship by utilizing his experience and highly defined skillset.

Petrello’s college roommate, Lloyd Grove, recently addressed Petrello being cited as one of the top earning businessmen in the U.S. He talked about their relationship in college, where Petrello was extremely focused on math, earning himself a B.S. and M.S. in mathematics from Yale. He went on to talk about Petrello’s overall character, his drive for success and passion for life that has launched him to the top leadership position today and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

That success and drive extends past the business realm and into his passion and dedicatin for philanthropy. After marrying his high school wife, Cynthia, the two had a baby that was born pre-mature and then developed cerebral palsy as a young baby. Since then, the two have dedicated themselves to working with the Texas Children’s Institute to fuel research for children with neurological issues. Not only have they donated over $7 million in charitable funds, but the two actively dedicate their time and energy to working with the hospital. Petrello sits on the hospital’s board of directors and more information click here.

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George Soros’ Influence on Current Social Issues

George Soros is one of the most successful investors in America with a net worth of around $25 billion. He is one of the leftwing billionaires who have chosen to follow the path taken by some rightwing billionaires to invest in politics. He is the reflection of what a leftist billionaire would be like if he contributed to politics like most of the rightwing billionaires that we know do. His foundation, the Open Society Foundation has invested over $1.6 billion towards democratic development in the Eastern part of Europe, as well as an almost similar amount within the US towards democracy, criminal justice, and immigration. Through his efforts, he has played a key role in bringing in capitalism in former Soviet states. Learn more on Biography about George

As a child, George Soros went through the Nazi occupation but was able to survive along with his family who would also go ahead and help numerous other Jews live through the occupation. This is one of the motivators behind what he does especially his support criminal justice reform, migrants, and refugees.

Being a liberal politically has seen Soros take action against the Republicans evidenced by the case in 2004, in which he funded groups that were trying to block George W. Bush’s reelection bid and being vocal in opposing the Iraq war. He has since then continued to contribute funds to organizations working towards democratic reform around the world and in the US, as well as many other progressive groups.

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Soros’ Open Society Foundations seeks to empower marginalized and discriminated groups such as the LGBT community, drug users, and sex workers. His past under the Nazi regime is what drove him to do this as he went through an almost similar kind of discrimination that these groups face. He left Hungary in 1947 for the London School of Economic after which he moved to the US in 1956 to pursue a career in finance where he made some of the investments that got him to where he is right now. He started the Soros Fund Management in 1970 which proved to be a great investment, making him one of the most successful investors of his time. Learn more about his profile at

It is the fortune made from the hedge fund that George Soros used to launch Open Society Foundation which is now active in over a 100 countries. His philanthropy work began by offering black South African students scholarships during the apartheid regime before he started tackling other issues in the US. He has gone on to support unlawfully convicted persons as well as provide education that would otherwise be inaccessible to outstanding students from marginalized groups. His efforts have also seen him support other organizations such as the International Crisis group among others. Currently, he continues to work with the foundation worldwide on both personal and public level

Dr. Cameron Clokie – An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a scientist, entrepreneur, and maxillofacial and oral surgeon. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Induce Biologics Company. The primary focus of the company is the provision of innovative solutions to musculoskeletal reconstruction.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Cameron Clokie has been involved in the field of medical practice and academic dentistry for more than 20 years. This made him became the Head of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery at Toronto University. Dr. Clokie is also a board member of scientific advisory boards of many companies.

Because of his passion for medicine, Dr. Cameron has managed to publish several papers and many presentations about regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction. He did most of his presentation both at national and international level. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Moreover, Dr. Cameron is a holder of more than 20 patents. Some of the patents are existing while others are pending and waiting for implementation.

Most of the patents that are presented by Dr. Cameron are about bone healing. In that case, Dr. Cameron has managed to make strategic alliances with big companies in the field of medicine. He has considerably transferred his knowledge to commercial use.

When it comes to educational background, Dr. Cameron Clokie attended McGill University, from where he received his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). He also completed his Ph.D. in bone regeneration from the same institution. He has also established a bone research group at the University of McGill.

Since then, Dr. Clokie has been involved in the development and evaluation of bone regenerative technologies. The primary objective of Dr. Cameroon is to create bio-implants that can replace the autogenous bone grafts. This implies that Dr. Clokie main focus revolves around bone regeneration and facial reconstruction. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

In 1990, Dr. Cameroon was determined in using BMP as one of the tools in oral surgery. He was successful with the idea, and the tool is currently used by oral physicians in South Africa. He is planning to produce BMP by introducing the human gene that will release it into the embryos of a goat. In that case, the goat will be used in producing BMP protein in vast quantities.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Recalls Early Years of Company

Talk Fusion is one of the most prominent video marketing and communication solution companies on the internet today. The company was founded back in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina and it persists to this day, nearly a decade later. After os much success it only makes sense that people are curious as to how Reina brought about such a prolific company. Fortunately Reina has been candid about his process, success, and life before Talk Fusion.Lear more : (


Before Bob Reina established Talk Fusion he had been a police officer for over a decade. While on the job during his years with the force Reina was introduced to a man who worked within the network marketing industry. Reina calls this his big ‘ah ha’ moment. A lightbulb went off in Reina’s head and suddenly the idea of Talk Fusion was beginning to come together. Reina realized that he could build his own team, get involved with his own company, and completely change his life within the industry.


We can jump forward a few years to another ‘ah ha’ moment. Reina had wanted to send a video clip to his family but his email provider, at the time this was 2004, said that it couldn’t be done. Reina immediately came up with the idea for Talk Fusion’s flagship program: the Video Email application. Reina immediately got in touch with a friend within the IT field, Jonathan Chen, and they were immediately beginning to put their heads together to bring Talk Fusion as we see it to fruition.


Still, the path to success wasn’t as easy as turning on a light switch. Bob Reina knew that it would take hard work and perseverance in order to grow Talk Fusion into what it has become today. Reina recalls times when his phone bill was, in fact, even larger than his own commission on Talk Fusion products. That, he admits, is part of working in a direct selling industry. Still, Talk Fusion managed to turn things around in short order. Reina says that the equation was simple: find a problem, solve the problem, and do it all better than anyone else can.


How Eric Lefkosky is Bettering the World

Tempus is a company that is set out to provide better treatments for people suffering from breast cancer. Through the help of doctors and their data they hope that personal treatments can be treated that will be more effective at treating cancer. Tempus just partnered with the University of Chicago Medicine, and hope that through this partnerships, and work with other partnerships, that they can battle breast cancer.

Tempus is a essentially a database that doctors can use to find information faster that can then be used to create treatment plans for patients. These treatment plans are personal to each patient and therefore more effective at treating that specific patient than a generic treatment plan would be. Tempus hopes that their database, which is unlike any thing else, can fight and hopefully defeat cancer in patients.

Tempus was founded by Eric Lefkofsky, a man not new to the business game. Since his graduation from the University of Michigan Law School, he has created multiple successful companies that range in specialty. Tempus is something that Eric Lefkofsky created and is passionate about. He hopes that it will change the way breast cancer patients are treated for the better. His career is a tool that he uses to help create ways to better the world.

Eric Lefkofksy is also involved in many other organizations that have a positive impact on the community. He has created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which is an organization that is aimed at bettering the communities they serve. Along with his organization he also serves on the board of other organizations. These organizations range from The Art Institute of Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry. He is very passionate about the organization in which he is apart of and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky is far more than a business man out to make a name for himself. Eric Lefkofsky wants to better the world and is doing that multiple ways. Through Tempus and his fight against cancer to his own foundation that aims at bettering the lives of people in his community, Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to helping his fellow man.

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