Sometimes people will remember a big company by how involved they’ve been in their community and acts of generosity. US Money Reserve can say they’ve done so, especially after being a part of the latest disaster relief fundraising efforts in Texas following Hurricane Harvey. This storm was one of the most damaging to hit the Texas coast and City of Houston in years, and even in the years following the damage will take a little time to recuperate from. But US Money Reserve proudly matched $100,000 in gifts in partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and YouCaring. By the end of the fundraiser, YouCaring had exceeded its goal by millions of dollars.


It’s not always easy to prepare for big disasters like Hurricane Harvey, but US Money Reserve can help you be prepared for major economic crises. 2008 hit many people hard, and it may not be the worst to hit due to increased national debt and the insolvency taking place in other nations. But there is a way you can protect your money from economic disasters by purchasing gold and silver through US Money Reserve. These precious metals have always been a safe haven to go to during tough times. Learn more:


At US Money Reserve, you have a wide variety of gold and silver bullion to purchase in their catalog. There are rare coins, collector’s editions, gold bars and different discounted items you can purchase as part of a publication released. Their gold information kit helps you get started with purchases and lets you know when it’s time to sell your gold and silver back. Gold and silver are also legal tender you can use in place of fiat currency.


One of the most influential gold and silver experts, Philip N. Diehl happens to be the President of US Money Reserve, and he’s spoken at many universities, precious metals summits and on TV networks. He is the only former US Mint Director to be currently running a privately-owned precious metals company. As US Mint Director, Diehl revived a commemorative coin program that was nearly defunct, and he also introduced the idea for minting the first ever US platinum coin. At US Money Reserve, Diehl is featured on the introduction to the gold kit and helps members understand the importance of diversifying into gold. For those who have other questions, US Money Reserve is proud to host Client-Connect Advantage support chat.