George Soros is one of the most successful investors in America with a net worth of around $25 billion. He is one of the leftwing billionaires who have chosen to follow the path taken by some rightwing billionaires to invest in politics. He is the reflection of what a leftist billionaire would be like if he contributed to politics like most of the rightwing billionaires that we know do. His foundation, the Open Society Foundation has invested over $1.6 billion towards democratic development in the Eastern part of Europe, as well as an almost similar amount within the US towards democracy, criminal justice, and immigration. Through his efforts, he has played a key role in bringing in capitalism in former Soviet states. Learn more on Biography about George

As a child, George Soros went through the Nazi occupation but was able to survive along with his family who would also go ahead and help numerous other Jews live through the occupation. This is one of the motivators behind what he does especially his support criminal justice reform, migrants, and refugees.

Being a liberal politically has seen Soros take action against the Republicans evidenced by the case in 2004, in which he funded groups that were trying to block George W. Bush’s reelection bid and being vocal in opposing the Iraq war. He has since then continued to contribute funds to organizations working towards democratic reform around the world and in the US, as well as many other progressive groups.

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Soros’ Open Society Foundations seeks to empower marginalized and discriminated groups such as the LGBT community, drug users, and sex workers. His past under the Nazi regime is what drove him to do this as he went through an almost similar kind of discrimination that these groups face. He left Hungary in 1947 for the London School of Economic after which he moved to the US in 1956 to pursue a career in finance where he made some of the investments that got him to where he is right now. He started the Soros Fund Management in 1970 which proved to be a great investment, making him one of the most successful investors of his time. Learn more about his profile at

It is the fortune made from the hedge fund that George Soros used to launch Open Society Foundation which is now active in over a 100 countries. His philanthropy work began by offering black South African students scholarships during the apartheid regime before he started tackling other issues in the US. He has gone on to support unlawfully convicted persons as well as provide education that would otherwise be inaccessible to outstanding students from marginalized groups. His efforts have also seen him support other organizations such as the International Crisis group among others. Currently, he continues to work with the foundation worldwide on both personal and public level