Desiree Perez Heads The Growing List Of Female Executives In The Entertainment Industry

It is easy to pigeonhole Desiree Perez as one of the world’s leading music industry negotiators but for those in the know at Jay’Z’sRocNation brand, there is much more to the Chief Operating Officer than simply a deal maker. One does not make one’s way in one of the most cutthroat industry‘s in the world by simply having one talent and Perez is known to have far more strings to her bow than just a tough negotiator.

Desiree Perez has built a strong reputation because of the influence she has had on a number of the deals which have put RocNation on the entertainment industry map but her influence on new and established artists is another reason she has become a major success. Among those who have looked to the skills and experience of Desiree Perez is Rihanna who has seen her career enter the second period of major success after placing her faith in the Las Vegas-born executive. Not only did Perez play a key role in the development of the $25 million deal with Samsung for Rihanna’s last world tour but her influence has been seen in the fashion and acting choices Rihanna has taken in this most successful period of her artistic career, and what Desiree Perez knows.

Whenever Roc Nation faces difficult choices the so-called “Hova” circle of influence comes together with Desiree Perez one of the most influential members of this group. Perez has brought together a number of deals including the $100 million contract with Live Nation which launched the Jay-Z headed label and the $200 million deal with Sprint to build the Tidal streaming service. For Desiree Perez, the need to invest this huge level of funding in the artists of the future is of major importance and takes up a large amount of her time.

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NewsWatch TV is The New Frontier in the Internet and Television News

In the modern day age, there internet and Television are our main sources of information and news. The internet through mediums like Twitter and Facebook are the ones which break the news first. Television is where we get our comprehensive shows. However, it is becoming a challenge to find a place that offers comprehensive news reports on all facet. NewsWatch TV has stepped up the plate and is trying to surmount this challenge.

NewsWatch TV is a consumer, technology, travel media. They have a website and they produce shows for TV through Bridge Communications. Their TV series is aired on the AMC Network and they have produced more than 1200 episodes to date.
Apart from providing some of the best content, NewsWatch has also been successful on their partnerships. They have partnered with organizations such as Audi, Casio, Siemens, Sony among others. In these partnerships, the big corporations hope to get the audience of NewsWatch’s large following. There have been very successful partnerships between NewsWatch and other companies.
A good example of the success of the collaborations by NewsWatch is their partnership with Avanca. Avanca has a crowdfunding campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. They wanted to raise money for a new product launch and their target was $10,000. To spread the message, Avanca decided to partner with NewsWatch. NewsWatch created a minute promotional video which was aired on their television show and online channels. As a result of the intense marketing campaign by NewsWatch, Avanca managed to raise more than $450,000 within 30 days which was more than 2000% above their goal. Avanca’s Managing Director, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet attributed the success of the crowdfunding to NewsWatch.
NewsWatch has also partnered with other companies and produced some brilliant results. The market share that NewsWatch enjoys has a lot of potential and the company seems to have realized this. It is interesting to see what the future holds for NewsWatch and how they will adapt to the many changes in this industry.

Desiree Perez and the Art of the Deal

The people behind the scenes of movies, music, and sports entertainers are rarely thought of, much less remembered, but Desiree Perez is being brought to the forefront for her toughness and business acumen. Desiree (Dez) Perez has been in the entertainment business for many years as the women who helps run several business for Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. Dez has been instrumental in several deals that were brokered including the $25 million dollar Samsung/Rihanna deal to promote Rhianna’s Anti tour. This deal made Rhianna a bankable, major star and Dez is still a close associate of Rhianna and learn more about Dez Perez.

Dez Perez has been a major player in the Roc Nation/ Live Nation, $150 million dollar deal. Roc Nation is Jay Z’s business in with Perez is a top executive. Dez is very skilled with negotiating contracts and crunching numbers, which is one of the reasons why Roc Nation is thriving. Ms. Perez likes to keep a low profile through all of the publicity that Roc Nation receives, but it is rumored the Dez, along with her husband Juan are members of the Hova Circle of Influence, a group of influencers involved in the music and movie industry and his Twitter.

It’s apparent that Ms. Perez is a beneficial and important part of the Roc Nation and is becoming part of Jay Z’s newest venture “Roc Nation Sports“. This new business venture is an offshoot from Jay-Z’s love of sports and Dez Perez has already instrumental in negotiating contracts for Roc Nation Sports newest athletic clients. Desiree Perez has proven time and again that she is a powerhouse in the world of entertainment. To read more about Desiree Perez, please click here.

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