Jeremy Goldstein is a companion at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, it is a boutique law organization which is established to advice compensation committees, chief executive officer, management groups and organizations in executive reimbursement and corporate governance issues, which include those that may occur in the event of transformative corporate situations and delicate events.


Despite funding his own firm, he was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, and Rosen & Katz law firm. He has dedicated himself to various largest corporate transactions of the past years which included the achievement of Goodrich by United technologies, Sanofi- Aventis/Genzyme, Verizon Wireless/ALL TELL Corporation and many more.


Jeremy Goldstein works

He has posted some important information some of which targeted shareholders activism and executive compensation which he said that despite the size or performance of public companies, they are the potential focus of shareholders activists, he advised those companies that they should regularly review their compensation programs to make sure that the potential effects of the shareholders activism are considered.


He also advised on the engagement of directors on executive pay where he said that current companies are struggling on various issues on whether, when and how corporate directors should be involved with the shareholders on matters regarding executive compensation. He provided some considerations for those companies that were faced with those situations which included the use a guideline called spin-off.


The guideline helps in separating company’s businesses via the creation of one or more distinct publicly merchandised companies. He also advised on shareholders engagement which was known as compensation season 2014 which stated that for most companies, the New Year marks the commencement of compensation season. The forthcoming proxy season is not patent by the new legislative or monitoring developments. The main importance of this proxy is the positive increase in shareholders engagement.


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