Aging doesn’t have to be something that people will radically shun and fear. It doesn’t have to be something that people can just ignore. It no longer has to be a taboo subject that people will feel awkward talking about today. Aging is a topic that people don’t want to talk about in public, but it is a worthy topic to discuss. In fact, it is worth researching, too. Today, Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is the man investigating more about aging and has found new innovative technology that helps people cope with this condition and more information click here.


The Life-Extending Rapamycin

Rapamycin is an element in Mikhail’s research, and he deals with the studies of it to find out more efficient ways to use it for people’s benefits. The recent discoveries in Rapamycin have contributed a lot to an improvement of how people deal with aging and other related conditions that may prove problematic for those beauty conscious patients.

In the research of Mikhail, an analysis showed that aging is neither driven by the damage of the molecules in the body nor is it just caused by random damage of any type or sort. Mikhail showed in his analysis that there’s more to it than just damaged molecules. In his research, he showed that the injury to the skin that causes aging has nothing to do with random molecular deterioration. His theory is, in fact, saying that the aging process may be related to hyperfunction and Mikhail’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Mikhail inferred that hyperfunction is the main characteristic that suggests the aging process. In his research, he mentioned that to help augment and change the way the hyperfunction works, Rapamycin should incorporate in the aging process. To make sure that there is enough Rapamycin for the body to help alter the hyperfunction system, Mikhail suggests adding ways to make sure that the body has enough of it.

Mikhail argues that the molecular damage theory shouldn’t form the first understanding of how aging works and how this aging process accumulates over time. This argument is not the theory that Mikhail believes, and so this process doesn’t necessarily limit the span of life that a person experiences. Hyperfunction theory replaces the arguments in the damaged molecules theory and well suggests that with the help of Rapamycin, the aging process won’t find itself causing the problem to a person’s aging issues and Mikhail’s lacrosse camp.


About Mikhail Blagosklonny

Dr. Mikhail is the Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is now the scientist who concentrates a lot of his time in studying cancer and aging. His concentration on the issues, parameters, and benefits of using Rapamycin makes him one of the leading doctors who study how diseases relate to hyperfunction and not just to molecular damages related to aging. The field of expertise of Mikhail includes a lot of focus on anti-aging medicine and oncology.

Mikhail went to First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and since then established himself a scholar. Mikhail is also known for the arguments he made on how the role of TOR signaling and rapamycin are related to extending one’s life.

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