Roberto Santiago was born in the month of July 1958. He was born in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. He went to school at Pio X- Marist College. He then went to the University Center of Joao Pessoa for his undergraduate studies in Business Administration.


Roberto Santiago is a man of many talents. He is a sportsman, a trader and among the successful business persons in Brazil. He is now a point of reference in the state of Paraiba. He is the proprietor of a top modern shopping mall named Manaira based in his home town Joao Pessoa. It is built in the center of the beaches of the North Coast of the city. He bought the land, where the shopping mall is, in 1987. He then developed it for two years and come up with the mall. It has a theatre, a rooftop concert hall, several shopping stores, a college, financial institutions and a gym.


Inside the Maniara mall is the Domus Hall which is based at the Mall’s rooftop. It was opened in 2009. The Domus Hall has sufficient space to host big concerts, conferences, and even weddings. It has a capacity of four thousand sitting people and ten thousand standing people. It also has private cabins for two people. This hall has attracted artists both from Brazil and around the globe. It has a total of about two hundred and eighty stores.


In terms of entertainment, the options are endless. There is a gaming area that includes a bowling alley which is electric. Food courts that are well maintained and are renovated regularly to offer more stores. The theatre features most recent movies and has eleven rooms that are adequately equipped with modern display devices including 3D rooms. The mall also houses shopping stores. These stores range from furniture to cosmetics and clothes. This versatility was planned by Roberto himself to ensure the clients get a variety of products and services. This, in turn, will lead to greater customer satisfaction.


Apart from the Maniara Shopping Mall, Roberto also owns another mall known as The Mangeira. This mall was developed in 2013. The two malls are a major economic boost to the city of Joao Pessoa apart from the lovely seashores and a splendid sunset. They have also increased the social aspect of the city by attracting people to the city.


From the above, Roberto Santiago has added a lot of value to the city of Joao Pessoa and the country at large. Through his entrepreneurial skills, he was able to put together many development aspects and visions. He weighed many options such as versatility, practicability and all this has added value to the lives of the people of Joao Pessoa city.