Hussain Sajwani is one of Dubai’s most prominent real-estate titans and billionaires as of today. Hussain hopes to do more business in the future to further that footprint he has in the Dubai market by enhancing and improving his relationship with the current US President Donald Trump. The two have collaborated on golf courses and luxury vacation villas in projects that have combined to be worth over $2 billion dollars to date, and they hope to continue to increase that value in the future. Hussein also works closely with Trump’s 3 grown children to help ensure the properties are running smoothly, and there should be no issue while being able to expand these companies under their leadership while Trump is occupied with his current job as the US President.


Hussain Sajwani has done this work along with Donald Trump through the Hussain Sajwani family business as Hussein is the CEO and DAMAC owner. DAMAC is a massive real-estate company across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that has been responsible for building some of the area’s highest-class and most lucrative resorts and golf clubs in the UAE as well as having designed luxury homes for some very prominent figures within the UAE society. These luxury homes include apartments, condos, and single-family homes to name a few types of various housing projects that the company has taken on.


The DAMAC company website offers homes on their advertisements from $640,000.00 to $1,250,000.00 AED, making them homes that are catering to the upper-class to wealthier citizens across the UAE. These “dream homes” are located near resorts, along golf courses, on the coastline, and on some of the most coveted lands the UAE has to offer. The DAMAC Properties company has so far built over 44,000 housing units and 16,800 of those are already finished and being lived in, with many more planned for the future. DAMAC Properties, which Hussain is the CEO of, also employs over 2,000 people and is a publicly-listed company within the Dubai Financial Market.


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