It takes time finding talented employees amongst today’s competitive landscape but that’s Julie Zuckerberg’s expertise. She’s an executive recruiter for Deutsche Bank, a German financial institution. For more than a decade, Julie Zuckerberg has been tasked with the tough job of searching for and hiring elite talent.


One of the issues companies are faced with today is that there are more individuals retiring than there are entering the workforce, says Zuckerberg. Full cycle recruiting is a part of her responsibility. Everything from sourcing talent to retention, and she says all the in-between can improve performance.


Executive recruiters say creating and maintaining an environment that values its employees decrease turnover rates. Employees appreciate open style leadership where information flows, and where workers can be proud of an organization. This encourages more participation and loyalty from employees.


The Keys to Retention


Zuckerberg acknowledges there are many strategies for retention of employees;


Provide challenges in the job

Make adjustments, when necessary for strengths, skills, and talents

Establish effective communication

Clearly define job responsibilities

Encourage employees to take more initiative

Recognize and reward creativity and innovation

Be flexible


It’s also important to point out the nuances of the job and goals to grow.


Zuckerberg has been with Deutsche Bank since 2014, rising from an Executive Recruiter and Talent Acquisition leader to her current position as Vice President. She is responsible for contract governance, contract compliance, the delivery of performance goals, supporting strategic partnerships between commercial clients, and retention of expertise. She has broad executive recruiting and management experience that has led to growth and stability for her employers.


Zuckerberg gained her expertise early in her career, starting at Hudson Global Resources. In her role as hiring manager, she recruited the top candidates, maximized their talent, and implemented support systems to retain the best. She enjoyed a five-year tenure at Hudson before going to Citi Global Consumer Bank and Global Functions in New York City. There she was responsible for various hiring strategies, including researching competitive market trends, creating a recruitment strategy, and identifying premier talent. Prior to working at Citi Global, she was a recruiter at New York Life Insurance. Her background, along with significant experience and successes with recruitment and retention enabled Julie Zuckerberg to take on the responsibility of Vice President at Deutsche Bank.


A Native New Yorker, Julie Zuckerberg received her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from The City University of New York, and a Law Degree from New York Law.