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Dr. Cameron Clokie – An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a scientist, entrepreneur, and maxillofacial and oral surgeon. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Induce Biologics Company. The primary focus of the company is the provision of innovative solutions to musculoskeletal reconstruction.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Cameron Clokie has been involved in the field of medical practice and academic dentistry for more than 20 years. This made him became the Head of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery at Toronto University. Dr. Clokie is also a board member of scientific advisory boards of many companies.

Because of his passion for medicine, Dr. Cameron has managed to publish several papers and many presentations about regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction. He did most of his presentation both at national and international level. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Moreover, Dr. Cameron is a holder of more than 20 patents. Some of the patents are existing while others are pending and waiting for implementation.

Most of the patents that are presented by Dr. Cameron are about bone healing. In that case, Dr. Cameron has managed to make strategic alliances with big companies in the field of medicine. He has considerably transferred his knowledge to commercial use.

When it comes to educational background, Dr. Cameron Clokie attended McGill University, from where he received his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). He also completed his Ph.D. in bone regeneration from the same institution. He has also established a bone research group at the University of McGill.

Since then, Dr. Clokie has been involved in the development and evaluation of bone regenerative technologies. The primary objective of Dr. Cameroon is to create bio-implants that can replace the autogenous bone grafts. This implies that Dr. Clokie main focus revolves around bone regeneration and facial reconstruction. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

In 1990, Dr. Cameroon was determined in using BMP as one of the tools in oral surgery. He was successful with the idea, and the tool is currently used by oral physicians in South Africa. He is planning to produce BMP by introducing the human gene that will release it into the embryos of a goat. In that case, the goat will be used in producing BMP protein in vast quantities.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Recalls Early Years of Company

Talk Fusion is one of the most prominent video marketing and communication solution companies on the internet today. The company was founded back in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina and it persists to this day, nearly a decade later. After os much success it only makes sense that people are curious as to how Reina brought about such a prolific company. Fortunately Reina has been candid about his process, success, and life before Talk Fusion.Lear more : (


Before Bob Reina established Talk Fusion he had been a police officer for over a decade. While on the job during his years with the force Reina was introduced to a man who worked within the network marketing industry. Reina calls this his big ‘ah ha’ moment. A lightbulb went off in Reina’s head and suddenly the idea of Talk Fusion was beginning to come together. Reina realized that he could build his own team, get involved with his own company, and completely change his life within the industry.


We can jump forward a few years to another ‘ah ha’ moment. Reina had wanted to send a video clip to his family but his email provider, at the time this was 2004, said that it couldn’t be done. Reina immediately came up with the idea for Talk Fusion’s flagship program: the Video Email application. Reina immediately got in touch with a friend within the IT field, Jonathan Chen, and they were immediately beginning to put their heads together to bring Talk Fusion as we see it to fruition.


Still, the path to success wasn’t as easy as turning on a light switch. Bob Reina knew that it would take hard work and perseverance in order to grow Talk Fusion into what it has become today. Reina recalls times when his phone bill was, in fact, even larger than his own commission on Talk Fusion products. That, he admits, is part of working in a direct selling industry. Still, Talk Fusion managed to turn things around in short order. Reina says that the equation was simple: find a problem, solve the problem, and do it all better than anyone else can.


How Eric Lefkosky is Bettering the World

Tempus is a company that is set out to provide better treatments for people suffering from breast cancer. Through the help of doctors and their data they hope that personal treatments can be treated that will be more effective at treating cancer. Tempus just partnered with the University of Chicago Medicine, and hope that through this partnerships, and work with other partnerships, that they can battle breast cancer.

Tempus is a essentially a database that doctors can use to find information faster that can then be used to create treatment plans for patients. These treatment plans are personal to each patient and therefore more effective at treating that specific patient than a generic treatment plan would be. Tempus hopes that their database, which is unlike any thing else, can fight and hopefully defeat cancer in patients.

Tempus was founded by Eric Lefkofsky, a man not new to the business game. Since his graduation from the University of Michigan Law School, he has created multiple successful companies that range in specialty. Tempus is something that Eric Lefkofsky created and is passionate about. He hopes that it will change the way breast cancer patients are treated for the better. His career is a tool that he uses to help create ways to better the world.

Eric Lefkofksy is also involved in many other organizations that have a positive impact on the community. He has created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which is an organization that is aimed at bettering the communities they serve. Along with his organization he also serves on the board of other organizations. These organizations range from The Art Institute of Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry. He is very passionate about the organization in which he is apart of and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky is far more than a business man out to make a name for himself. Eric Lefkofsky wants to better the world and is doing that multiple ways. Through Tempus and his fight against cancer to his own foundation that aims at bettering the lives of people in his community, Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to helping his fellow man.

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Brad Reifler Makes Intelligent Investment Decisions

In the world of investing, there are many different ways to make investment decisions. People who invest have different reasons for investing along with different goals regarding the investments that they make.

As a result, every investment decision is unique because each investment situation is unique. For investors and investment professionals, there are certain things that are important to making sound investment decisions.

Investors and investment professionals need to understand certain aspects of the financial industry. Also, they need a high level of expertise related to using the information and data that is pulled from various areas of the financial industry related to investments.

Although the process of making investment decisions can be done in numerous ways, the results of the decisions are easy to understand.

Investments can be measured by investing numbers to determine how the investments are performing. It is the continuous study of the numbers that make investment decisions good or bad over an extended time period. Financial numbers reveal a lot about investments. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

This is why the markets are followed and studied on regular basis to determine market trends and sudden market changes. Nothing stays the same concerning investments and the investing world.

While there are millions of people who watch the markets, only a few are considered the best at what they do in relation to investing. According to Bloomberg, one of the few is Brad Reifler.

An excellence investment professional who has become a source for investment advice and recommendations for many investors, Brad Reifler has become a top investment professional.

An article on PR Newswire reveals that the CEO of an investment firm that he has taken to great success over the past few years, Brad Reifler has a total understanding of how the investment world works and what it takes to make great investment choices in the markets. He has years of experience analyzing financial industry data and the impact of the numbers on the markets.

Brad Reifler does not follow what others have done in the markets concerning investment decisions. He studies historical investment data and information but he makes decisions based on his own professional views of the markets, the financial industry, and individual investments.

New Life For Lip Balm

When looking down the lip care aisle, you see the same old lip balm that you grew up with. You know the classic plastic tubes with the same label that hasn’t changed in a long time. A new product was introduced to change all of that!

Colorful and flavorful spheres that stand out from the rest. EOS lip balm is new life for the lip balm section of the beauty aisles. This product is made of natural ingredients and comes in an easy to handle design. The sphere is soft and curved so it’s easy to hold and use. The modern look stands out from its old competition and the flavors allow you to change things up as you want to.

The makers of the Evolution Of Smooth ( noticed the need for the change, but never expected it to be such a huge success. They went on to create a shimmer line that adds gloss to your lips along with the classic benefits. They also made a lip balm with SPF in it for those that want to show their lips love when enjoying nature.

Celebrities have been seen with this Well-known brand and magazines are showing advertisements for it. It costs about as much as the lip balms you are used to using and can be found in many stores. When looking around the other beauty products, you will also notice some of their other items on shelves ( to try next!

For more info, check out the EOS Facebook page.

John Goullet – Ensuring Success For Diversant LLC in the Rapidly Evolving IT Sector

John is one of the most prominent names in the IT staffing and recruitment industry. He started off his career as a consultant in the IT sector but went on to get involved deeply in the IT staffing space. The transition from being an IT consultant to becoming an IT staffing professional, helped John gain a lot of experience in the IT industry. It is his tremendous expertise in the IT sector that helped him launch Info Technologies.

His company, Info Technologies offered comprehensive recruitment and staffing solutions to some IT companies, including some of the top companies named in the Fortune 500. John Goullet helped take Info Technologies to new heights of success, and in a relatively short period of just five years, the company was worth over $30 million. Famous magazines started noting and documenting the growth of Info Technologies, and Inc. even named John’s company as one of the fastest growing firms in the country.

To boost the growth momentum of Info Technologies, John Goullet merged Info Technologies with another market leader in the sector, Diversant Inc. After the merger, the firm was named Diversant LLC, and the John Goullet has been appointed the Principal of the enterprise. As the IT sector continues to evolve and develop rapidly and the firm faces numerous challenges on day to day basis due to high competition, John Goullet devises strategies that help the firm stay ahead of its competition.

Before starting his company Info Technologies, John Goullet has worked with Computer Sciences Corp, Constell Group, Piscataway, 3d Information Services, Cap Gemini America, TSR Consultants, and a few more. John Goullet did his graduation from Ursinus College. Over the years, John has shown his acumen as a businessman in all the companies he has worked in. His expertise in the IT sector is well-known and is one of the most sought-after speakers on the topic as well at many different events held nationally and globally and John on Facebook.

John Goullet continues to spearhead Diversant LLC to new heights of success through his business expertise. He ensures that the company stays in the forefront in its niche in the IT space and learn more about John.

Mike Baur Involvement with Startups in Switzerland

Mike Baur has had an interesting life journey to become the business person and entrepreneur he is today. Among the things Mike Baur is well known for is his involvement with the Swiss Startup Factory. He is one of the founding members of this venture and currently serves as a managing partner. Other than being a venture capitalist, Mike Baur has a lot of experience and knowledge about the banking and finance industries. He was involved with the Swiss banking system for over two decades. During this period, he formed a lot of partnerships and got to know people who act as his connections to date. During his stint in the Swiss banking industry, he worked with a company called UBS as a commercial apprentice.


Since graduating from college, Mike Baur has been driven by passion, hard work and determination and these virtues earned him a position as an executive member in one of the best Swiss banks. Mike Baur believes that it’s never too late to make it in life. He began his ventures at the age of 39. This was three years ago, and he has recorded significant growth and progress. He works closely with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, who are the other founding partners of the Swiss Startup Factory. As a mentor for the youth and people wishing to succeed in Switzerland, his main goal is to encourage them and fund the projects that look promising. Up to date, he has listened and funded hundreds of ideas that have gone on to make him millions of money. Other than the Swiss Start up Factory, Mike Baur is involved with another company called Swiss Startup Association as a co-founder and a director. This is a venture that focuses on funding ideas in Switzerland, and he collaborates with powerful financial institutions in the country.


Mike Baur was shaped by the fine education he received when growing up. After finishing high school, Mike Baur joined University of Rochester New York for an undergraduate degree in finance and economics. Mike Baur has an MBA from the University of Berne. As a venture capitalist, he has acted as a panelist for several programs such as the Goldbach Group Forum and the Start Summiteer. During his time as a businessman, Mike Baur has conducted deals with top European firms such as Diabird, Fitonic AG, and Beaconsmind. Mike Baur advocates for people to believe in themselves if they are to succeed in life.


Norman Pattiz On The Effects Of Podcast And Advertisement

How much does advertising affect the general likelihood that a person will buy your product? What is the real data behind propaganda in making brands becoming successful? Is there a difference in the effect that an advertisement has if it is broadcasted in a podcast? These are questions that Norman Pattiz, Founder, and Chairman of the PodcastOne radio network, decided to answer, with a partnership with Edison Research.


PodcastOne is supported by advertisers, founded by the creator of the large radio web that was Westwood One. With studios located in Beverly Hills, PodcastOne has been successfully climbing the industry under the leadership of Pattiz and has over three hundred podcasts hosted already.


The brand lift study to understand the effects of propaganda would be conducted by Edison Search and a partnership with the studio PodcastOne. The results of the research were announced this February 9th, and there was shocking information regarding the effects that advertisements have on the minds of listeners.


This is how they conducted it: Edison Search took five national brands, some were well-known among the listeners, and some weren’t. Those that were known were launching new, unprecedented commercials, while the less renowned brands were just trying to get more attention from the public.


The study was conducted in 2016 and results were achieved through three different research phases. The Edison Search team took these commercials and showed them through online surveys weeks before the advertising campaign began. Then, after it did, they released the same advertisements again, with the same methodology in all of them. This system allowed them to analyze the reception of the listeners’ pre-podcast and after the podcast, allowing for more accurate results on how influential the podcast was.


Results were the following:


  • Overall increase in the likelihood of buying some of the products rose by a significant margin, while their overall opinion being confident about that same product almost duplicated.


  • Nearly nine times more listeners mentioned a particular product that was present in the advertisement, increasing from 7% to 60%.


  • The simple awareness of a brand also increased dramatically in comparison to pre-study.


The impact of the podcast in the effects of those advertisements were shockingly positive to these brands, showing that people were much more likely to buy, have a favorable opinion or simply be aware of the product simply by listening to the same survey, but in the podcast.


Norman Pattiz, CEO, and founder of PodcastOne was very glad that he got the chance to participate in the study. Who could be better to participate if not the giant who created Westwood One?

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